Who I Am

My name is Kyle Rohde. I’m a 31 year old marketer, currently working for an agency called ER Marketing.  Located in Kansas City, Missouri, ER has mostly B2B clients, though I don’t believe an agency needs to specialize in B2B or B2C.  Before moving to Kansas City, I spent four fantastic years in Lawrence, Kansas at the University of Kansas, graduating in 2005 with a BSJ from the William Allen White School of Journalism & Mass Communications – my degree’s in “Strategic Communications.” In addition to working with ER, I’m an active member of AAF-Kansas City and currently serve as the organization’s president.

I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and lived there my entire life before moving to Lawrence for college and to Kansas City after graduation.

Like so many guys, I’m a big sports fan – the teams I follow include the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, the Kansas Jayhawks, Wisconsin Badgers, plus the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals.  Auto Racing is another favorite of mine (yes, it’s a sport) – I love watching NASCAR, Formula One, USCR, World Challenge and more.  I’m also a passionate follower of the automotive industry, which I hate telling people because it’s hard to be more cliche guy than “cars & sports.”  My love for the auto business goes beyond fast cars though; I’m keenly interested in the business of it, the engineering, the politics and the marketing of it as well.

What You’ll Read in this Blog

I’m not shy about offering my opinion and I love debating and discussing marketing/advertising, the car business, sports or other topics.  This won’t be a personal blog but you’ll definitely get a sense for who I am.  Hopefully something I write can make you think and I hope you offer your opinion, regardless of the topic.  Thanks for reading.

Standard Agency Employee Disclaimer

ER Marketing nor AAF-KC do not have any input or editorial control of this blog/website. All opinions offered are mine and they do not necessarily reflect the views of ER Marketing or AAF-KC.


Opinions and anecdotes on mostly cars+racing, plus some marketing here & there